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H. Okazaki and T. Okazaki

International Shotokan Karate Federation

The International Shotokan Karate Federation (ISKF), affiliated with the JKA until 2007, was established in 1977. The ISKF coordinates efforts to develop traditional Shotokan Karate programs and develop ISKF-affiliated karate organizations throughout North, Central, and South America, and the Caribbean.

Master Teruyuki Okazaki (1931 – 2020), 10th-degree black belt, was the first Chief Instructor and Chairman of the ISKF. Master Okazaki was the right-hand man to Master Nakayama in the early days of establishing the JKA. He also played a crucial role in establishing and developing JKA tournament rules and the JKA Instructor Training Program.

Master Hiroyoshi Okazaki, 9th-degree black belt, is our current ISKF Chief Instructor and Chairman. Sensei Okazaki was born in Chiba, Japan on March 4, 1961, and trained at the JKA Honbu dojo from the mid to late 70s and the ISKF Honbu dojo thereafter.


M. Nakayama and Y. Yaguchi circa 1985

ISKF Mountain States Region

The Mountain States Region and the ISKF of Colorado (formerly JKA of Colorado) was established in 1973 with Sensei Yaguchi, 9th-degree black belt, as Chief Instructor and Chairman. The ISKF of Colorado is also the Honbu dojo for the ISKF Mountain States Region. 

Under the guidance of Sensei Yaguchi, the ISKF Mountain States Region has developed many noteworthy international and national-level competitors and senior instructors. Sensei Mark Tarrant is now the ISKF Mountain States Region Chief Instructor after Master Yaguchi’s retirement.  Master Yaguchi passed away recently in October of 2023.


Bruce Green

Boulder Shotokan Karate

Boulder Shotokan Karate (formerly JKA of Boulder) was established in 1980 with Mr. Bruce Green as Chief Instructor. Boulder Shotokan Karate is an active member of the ISKF and is one of the oldest branch dojos in the Mountain States Region. 

Boulder Shotokan Karate is blessed to have a handful of well-experienced senior students who have trained for many decades themselves, and many family members and well-established professionals as part of its rich and diverse membership.